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Hi professionals!

is it possible to share the gps data to an iPad without mobile for navigation?

thank you very much!

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To answer your question in short, yes it is possible.

  1. First solution would be to find similar application to Hercules SETUP utility (https://www.hw-group.com/software/hercules-setup-utility) but with iPad OS support. After you install that application, log in to router, navigate WebUI > Services > GPS > HTTPS. Configure server settings where you want to send data.
  2. Another solution is to use platforms like this: https://www.gps-server.net/ This platform reads all router GPS data and depicts it in user friendly interface. You may find this case useful: https://community.teltonika-networks.com/17867/rut955-gps-server-net-nmea-avl-https


Thank you very much!

Can you please explain the solution? I could not find a iOS tool...?
You will need to search the store for tcp server application, something similar like this: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tcp-server/id1402550566. We at  teltonika do not use Apple products to test and configure, so I cannot check if specified app will work. You will need to browse internet and find something similar to Hercules but for Apple products.