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I am adding the RUTx09 device onto our PRTG monitoring software. I am using this web page as reference:


I have also downloaded the MIB from the router itself.

A handful of entries, such as . for modemNum, work correctly. But most others - especially mSINR, mRSRP etc - show in PRTG as being invalid.

What am I missing? I am using latest router and modem firmware.

EDIT: I found this post (https://community.teltonika-networks.com/10403/snmp-monitoring-signal-levels-broken-after-upgrade-rutx_r_00) and yes, it does work for me now too, after disabling and re-enabling SNMP.

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I just tried to reproduce the issue and everything worked fine from the start. We are very sorry that you had to face this issue. I will investigate more and will let our RnD team know if it persists. Thank you for informing us.

Best regards.