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I have an RUTX11 router that's sending AVL data to my server. How can I transmit the GSM operator and signal to my server?
Aside from the GNSS information, I'm also getting this sequence at the end:
However, I can't find any information about it. Is there some documentation about the AVL protocol used by the RUTX11 router device? There was a suggestion to look at the RUT955 protocol but the description there doesn't match the data I'm receiving. It also mentions that I/O elements are "sent to server only if enabled" but doesn't specify how to enable it.

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Currently, you can send GSM signal data to your server. It is configured in Services -> GPS -> AVL -> TAVL Settings.

If you want to get GSM operator name to your server, I could recommend using MODBUS TCP Master and Data to Server feature to get GSM operators information to your server.

To do that, simply enable MODBUS TCP Slave in Services -> MODBUS -> MODBUS TCP Slave then configure MODBUS TCP Master and Data to Server feature.

More details can be found in our Wiki page: and

Regarding AVL/GPS protocol for RUTX11 it should be the same as for RUT955 as they both uses same GPS protocol.