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I'm trying to configure a connection of two networks using openvpn tap bridged, like the example with no results.

I have already tried to generate a static key from openVPN in windows 10 and a static key from RUT.

Server Configuration

Cliente Configuration.

The remote host, i'm using the WAN IP from server router.

I have this message in LAN -> OpenVPN

What could be wrong?

Best Regards

1 Answer

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Regarding the issue your having is the RUT device that will be acting as a server is having a Public IP address? A copy of the troubleshoot file will be a great help. I will be needing the two copies of troubleshoot file from those routers of yours you can send it to me via private message.

Also before download the troubleshoot file i suggest to reapply the configuration of your OpenVPN config and let the device to be turned on for 5-10mins (Don't reboot or cut the power of the device after the re-configuration is done.)

Waiting for your troubleshoot file.