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I have tried to set up a IPSec/L2TP tunnel between Site 1 (RUTX10) and Site 2 (RUT950) booth with the latest FW, but i don´t understand what i´m doing, the two has so differnt menus and text for same things, and what i need to do with the vpn settings and the firewall settings on each site.

What i really need is a very detailed step by step guide, preferably with pictures and on swedish...

Is there someone here willing to help me out with this?

PM me for more detailes...

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I think this step by step guide should help you out: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/L2TP_over_IPsec

Try to configure L2TP over Ipsec and if something will not work, be sure to post your configuration pictures and we will let you know what you are doing wrong.