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I am trying to connect RUT240 to Checkpoint 5400 firewall appliance. After lots of checking and reading on internet, I understand that Checkpoint do not support dynamic IP on third party partner device to establish tunnel and Teltonika does not support CA certification authoring while IPSEC.

Second option I have checked is that whether checkpoint can be connected by teltonika as mobile client but seems checkpoint do not provide any client on linux and standard l2tp domain on linux is not well supported on checkpoint new firmware version.

Looking for simple solution to establish tunnel between central location to 23 teltonika modems.

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You would need to check your Checkpoint 5400 firewall supported VPN tunnel types (IPsec, PPTP, L2TP, and others), maybe it will support one of the types. Also, Teltonika devices IPsec supports CA authentication. You just need to select X.509 authentication type while configuring IPsec tunnel:

We cannot test it ourselves if it is compatible with your device, but I would recommend double-checking IPsec configuration capabilities of your device.