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by anonymous

I can only select SIM1 in the interface settings for the second modem.

The modem status page shows it's connected to the network

However, internet access is not possible, the loadbalancing page shows it's offline:

1 Answer

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by anonymous

On RUTX12 there is a useless SIM dropdown right now and it will be removed in future firmware updates because there is only one possible SIM card in the modem to choose from.

Regarding your issue on why you do not have a connection in the secondary modem, I suggest upgrading your firmware version to the latest then try using custom APN settings instead of auto you are using right now. Also, double-check if this SIM card has not reached the set data limit.

by anonymous
Thank you, indeed, it was the APN settings. autoAPN used, but it needed to be

So the SIM selection was just misleading. Thank you for your help.
by anonymous
Always glad to help, we will remove this misleading selection field in future updates.