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by anonymous
I have a RUT240 LTE (FIRMWARE RUT2XX_R_00.01.12.2) that is used for controling 2 wifi power sockets (D-Link DSP-W118). The device was configured and data usage of the 2 devices was monitored over a period of few weeks. Then the device and the sockets where deployed.

During the first month the data usage was as expected. A few megabytes per month, since the sockets where hardly used.

Then in September 2020 the RMS portal reported a total of 6 Gigabytes data transfer. The data usage was evenly spread, from 8pm to 12pm every day (around 200mb daily, 100up/100down) 200x30=6000MB

The strange thing about this is:

1. The router itself still shows a few megabytes of use

2. The router has a monthly data cap of 1900MB configured

3. The internet provider has not charged me for the extra data (above the 2GB)

The chance that a rogue client has been using the wifi is extremely improbable (the wifi is hidden, the wifi has mac address filtering enabled for the 2 devices, the device is in a very remote location)

Is this a bug on the RMS portal? Am i missing something?

Data Usage reported by the router. The statistics havent been resetted and include the testing period (data spike on the period start)

Data limit configured in Router. Limit has never been reset

Data usage reported by teltonika RMS for the same period. Notice the repeated data usage, begining September 8

Anyone has any theories as to what has happened? For now i have turned off the wifi interface to see if the data usage reported by RMS will drop

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by anonymous

Right now there is an issue in the RMS system regarding data usage and it plagues a lot of users. The issue is known to our RnD team and they are trying to solve it as we speak. It could take a few days or more to fix it. We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

Best regards.
Best answer
by anonymous
Thank you for clarifying this. I almost got a heart attack when i saw the data usage.
It's Feb 2021 and we have the same issue.  Spent HOURS troubleshooting, restricting downloads on the device, accusing users of various nefarious activities, etc.  Suggest you treat this fix as a matter of high priority, as I would suggest it is a basic reporting requirement of ANY mobile device management dashboard.