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Apologies if this is something really obvious that I've overlooked, but can we use the RUT955 WebUI to upload and save specific config files ? We have a number of different serial port and NAT table configurations and it would be very useful if we could selectively install appropriate versions of relevant file(s) rather than having to enter each setting manually. I know we can save and rewrite an entire configuration, but that creates as many prolems as it solves: we would need to maintain a seperate file for every possible permutation and almost certainly still have to deal with overwriting other settings that we would not want to change.

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There is only one option right now, configure one device as you need and download the configuration backup. It will save every single detail of configuration and can be uploaded to another same type of router. If you want to transfer only certain parts of the config, you will need to download the troubleshoot file. Once you have it you can open it and see every single config and upload it to another router via WinSCP or any other SCP file transfer program to another router.

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Thanks for the quick response. We'll have a look at the SCP route and see if that can be wrapped up and made safe and practicable for field use. For the future something integrated in the WebGUI would be a nice feature. We are using that anyway, and out on site the less complicated the better.