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I have purchased more than 10 Qty. TRB 145 GSM Modem. However, I am unable to send text SMS through this Modem. I tried though Hyper Terminal and our software application but I couldn't get success.

Steps I have followed:

1. Login into the web application and first downgrade firmware to get the option of RS232.

2. I have changed the control option - System > RS485 > Modem (and Save)

After selecting COM 1, continuous error or auto printing is coming and I unable to type any AT commands. But anyway I want to send SMS through my application or through GSM modem.

It should not like every time I will have to save or change settings in the web portal.

1 Answer

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Download TRB1XX device patched firmware version. It includes several fixes for RS interface full control modem mode. Download link:


Enable RS interface for Modem type, Full control mode.

Use ATE command to enable echo - ATE1

Stop QCSQ status messages - AT+QCSQ=0

Use these AT commands to send SMS (https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/SMS_sending_command ):