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Just switch to new RUTX12 and since first day have some serious problems with internet browsing. Every webpage or Netflix movie buffers very long. Simple website that is loaded in less than 2 sec on my phone (with same sim card) on RUTX12 needs 10-15 sec to fully Load.

I have two SIM cards in RUTX but tested connection with all possible SIM cards configurations (every slot, one card, two cards). Still nothing. It’s working bad on both wired and wireless connection. At the same time Speedtest gives me phenomenal results but every time I am trying to do the test... speed test is looking for servers very long. Later both speed and ping are fine.

I have a default factory setup of RUTX. Nothing changed.

I also checked my old router and it just working fine (switched to RUTX for dual sim functionality).

Please help

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Could you tell me which firmware version you are using? If it is not the latest (RUTX_R_00.02.05.1) please install it. Also, do it via the bootloader menu, please follow these instructions:  https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUTXxx_Firmware_via_The_Bootloader_Menu

If that does not solve your issue, please send me your router troubleshoot file via private message.

Best regards.
Unfortunately I don't have right now the access to PC with Ethernet (left in the other office yesterday). But still I had this issue just after unpacking the device. First thing I did was updating the firmware from the web menu of device (server option). Right now I have the one you pointing in your reply (so I am up to date). I am not sure if different way of updating will make a difference. Do you have other ideas wha can go wrong with the router?

I am looking forward to your router troubleshoot file, once I review it I will be able to tell what's wrong is happening.