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I got no access to the cli of the TRB140 via rms.

ssh terminal open to login, I used the password from the admin login of the TRB for root

response from the terminal:

Error: authentication faild

connection reset by peer

webui access is running, but over the webui i got no access to the cli too

I recieved the message:

404 not found, ... unable to dispatch /cgi-bin......

I am not sure if the settings under "administration - access control" in the TRB are correct.

I have another problem with the menue of the webui. I installed the cloud-adapter from anyviz. It works fine, but via rms the settings of the cloud adapter menue are not visible. I can click on "connections" and "config" but the screen is blanc.

Is there a relation between the problems?

thanks helping to fix it

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Could you send me your device serial number via private message? Also, change your password to something that I could access your CLI through RMS and check it myself.

About anyviz adapter - please make sure that you do not need to access in-directory or an index page instead. It might be that RMS doesn't know the path to your device and just tries to redirect you to the main page - which is non-existent.