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Hi there

I could configure the RS232 Interface on my router RUT955 to use as a Socket over TCP/IP and successfully send data over a Mobile Network(Question before). Problem now is that after a reboot or power cut off the router does not automatically establish connection as before. Only after I made some changes in the RS232 configuration on the router it could read in again Serial Data.

Is there something additionally to be made in the settings?

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In your previously sent screenshot, seems you are using Port 80 for communication. According this, have you changed router WebUI port to another one? Because by default router use Port 80 for WebUI.
Connecting to the WebUI works fine with my PC. The problem lies with the RS232 Interface, which does not establish a serial connection over IP again after reboot.
by anonymous

Connecting to the WebUI works fine with my PC.

Which port you are using for router WebUI?


I've inirially kept the WebUI Port set at 80 and changed it to other TCP Ports. Does not seem to solve my problem though. 

I did the update to RUT955_R_00.05.03.3 without keeping the settings and then configured the router again. On the first try it would work but as soon as I cut off the power or do a reboot the RS232 communication is cut off and the serial OverIP feature is not working as well. Somehow the router loses the configuration settings or does not have the feature to reinitiate connection...