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by anonymous
I cannot seem to send the test email. I always get a send failure error.

What are the settings to use for gmail?

I've been trying:
secure connection - Y
ports 465 and 587

Is this correct?

Is gmail 2 factor authentication maybe causing the problem?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Regarding this issue of yours have you tried disabling the 2 way authentication factor on your Gmail account and turning on the less secure app settings.

I have tested it on my side and everything is working fine.

You may refer to this links for more information:

Hope it helps

Thank you and have a nice day!

Best answer
by anonymous
Thank you, Jerome.

That was very helpful.
On further investigation I found that Google was identifying the RUT 955 as an untrustworthy device.

Using an app-specific password resolved this and all is fine now. I'm using port 587.
Using app-specific passwords, however, does require that 2FA is turned on but by using the app-specific password the 2FA step isn't required to get the connection to Gmail working.

Thank you for your time.