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Good morning, I will appreciate if you can confirm if the architecture of this network is correct:

.- The idea is to be able to access modbus registers from LOGO! from the PC. And also access the webserver of LOGO! from Siemens.
.- The SIM card placed in the RTU240 has a Fixed IP.
.- I'm not sure what kind of OpenVpn I need to configure TAP, TUN, ...
.- If I need another Teltronika modem on the PC side.

.- Once the connection is established through OpenVpn, how do I access the LOGO? I have to read the LOGO IP directly from the PC.

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Most of the controllers require Layer 2 connection to be able to reach such devices. As you're connecting your device not through RS232 or RS485, you will have to use OpenVPN with TAP configuration, which will combine your two subnets (your local one and remote one where LOGO! hides) into one Layer 2 Bridged subnet. After this - there should be no problem reaching the device by its current IP


The webserver should be also available without any issues.

So answering your main question - yes, your logic behind this architecture is correct.

Thanks you!!!