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I have a RUT955 with FW RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.1 where I can't access the Input/Output or GPS Page in the Web Interface. Also I can't configure SMS Utils so that it would be possible to switch the Relay. I uploaded a sms_utils config where this is configured, but it ignores it (at least in the webpage). I don't want and try to switch the Relay via console (that would mean I powercycle a device I don't want to). [Also I would be interested in knowing how to read the analog input via console]

Under Status-> System: Router model there is just a question mark. (another RUT955 tells me it's a Teltonika RUT955 LTE)

Under Status-> Device: Product Code it says RUT955T03XXX

Thus probably somehow it doesn't know it's an RUT955 with I/O and because of that doesn't show the corresponding options?

What can I do to be able to switch the outputs via sms and see that options in the web interface?

Thanks in advance.

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Please try to flash the latest (RUT9XX_R_00.06.07) firmware version via the bootloader menu. Follow this link for the instructions:

Let me know if that solves your issue.

I should have mentioned that I don't have local access to the router. It's installed in some place where I can't go easily, I just have access via VPN. Because of that I don't want to upgrade the firmware, and also can't (via bootloader menu).
Without a factory reset, I do not think it is possible to fix your issue right now. You also do not have access to WebUI, there is a chance that upgrading firmware via WebUI to the latest version could fix it.