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by anonymous
Actually I am trying to get a custom build of official openwrt to run on a RUT955, to be used in a soon-to-market commercial product. Most of required functionality works (incl. EC25), however, I discovered certain issues, regarding RS232 (DB9)  and RS485.

Although officially supported, I have the impression, the maintainer of official openwrt for the RUT955 is not very 'motivated" to take care of the problems. Might be simple overload, though.

I think, some help from TELTONIKA would be beneficial for everybody, as the decision to use a RUT955, for example, in my case was primarily taken because of built-in RS485 (for modbus-serial), _AND_ supposed-to-run open source software, to be tailored for a certain application.

Comments welcome.

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by anonymous

Unfortunately, we can only help you with our own SDK.

Any other firmware or development kits are not under our responsibility and you should do it on your own risk and research.

by anonymous
As I have seen, your SDK only contains a limited amount of packages, the reason of which most likely is the old openwrt version used.

Which also raises some questions regarding security.

Unfortunately, this might force a switch in hardware platform.