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I am looking some advice for to choose correct product to my use case.

We are looking solution to have mobile internet connection and possibility to send SMS messages by AT commands via serial port.

What I have understood there is at least two different viable solutions. Do you anyone have some comments or alternative methods?

Solution 1:

Use TRB142 for SMS by utilizing serial communication and use TRB140 (or any other ethernet compatible gateway) for sharing mobile internet connection.

Cons: Need to have two different devices and two different mobile subscriptions

Solution 2:

Use TRB255 ethernet for sharing mobile internet connection and serial port to SMS

Cons: Does this work? Can TRB255 handle AT commands via serial port and same time share mobile internet via ethernet?

1 Answer

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In both solutions, you can do it with a single device as long as it has a serial connection and mobile module. Connecting to it via serial and sending AT commands won't interfere with the basic use of it as a modem.