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May be the device is not reset properly.

Power up the device and hold the reset button for 5-6 seconds .

 If don't helps.

You can re-flash device firmware through boot loader mode.

You can download latest firmware here :

Firmware upgrade process via bootloader requires only few simple steps:

  1. power OFF the device;
  2. set a Static IP on your PC, e.g.;
  3. press and hold the RESET button on the back-panel side of the router;
  4. power ON the router and wait 3-4 seconds until all LAN LEDs start blinking simultaneously, then - release the RESET button;
  5. to enter the bootloader's WebUI, open your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) in Private mode and enter
  6. once in bootloader's WebUI you can upgrade the firmware.

See the details below for more information on each of these steps. 

When the Bootloader menu becomes accessible, the router will not be working in its regular state, i.e., all regular services will be disabled, including DHCP, that is why you will first need to setup a Static IP address on your PC to be able to reach the router.

The router's default address is, therefore your PC's IP address should be in the first sub-net as well, for example: The last number can be any number in the range of 2 - 254, i.e., - Your PC's IP can't be the same as the router's (, it can't be and as well.

I hope it helps.

Thank you.


Ahmed Rehan.