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Good Morning

Right now I testing the RUT950 to perform port mirroring, where it will capture every packet from HP A5500 Switch from LAN 1. I did follow this guide too as a reference https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT950_Port_Mirroring. The issue is, I didn't see any packet that RUT950 capture from the TCP dump. Please advise if there any mistake I did in the configuration. 

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First of all, make sure you have the firmware version that is the latest available one.

After that, the monitoring port - in your case (LAN1), should be the one your computer is connected to (analysis port). And switch0 should be the port that is connected to other devices that you want to monitor (monitored port).

Also, check if your RUT955 has TCP dump enabled and had time to gather the packets.