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Hello! In RUTX09 there are settings to limit the sending of sms (https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUTX09_Mobile#SMS_limit_settings):

1) Period -> Day | Week | Month; default: Day
Is it possible to reduce this period to hours? Through CLI?

2) Clear SMS Limit - (interactive button)
If 1) is not possible, is it possible to clear the SMS limit automatically? I want to clear the sms limit every 3 hours.
CLI and Crontab maybe?

I've managed to get in contact with Teltonika support. The command to clear the sms limit is:
ubus call sms_limit reset '{"modem":"3-1","sim":1}'

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Both of these things are not possible to do via WebUI. When it comes to doing it through CLI/SSH, I won't be able to confirm how exactly this could be achieved, because I haven't tried this before and when I checked what changed might be required I saw that it won't be simple as editing /etc/config/simcard configuration file. You might need to use the SDK, which Teltonika provides. It can be downloaded here:


Or Teltonika's RND team could create these custom features, but you would need to contact Teltonika's sales manager and start a custom firmware project.

Ok. Do you maybe know which command is executed, when you click the "Clear SMS Limit" button? This command or similiar should be put in Crontab.
I won't be able to confirm what exact command does that. Mdcollect service is the one you need to take a look at, mobile data limit status is stored in /var/mdcollect file. Maybe this information will help you find a solution.