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Hello! In RUTX09 there are settings to limit the sending of sms (

1) Period -> Day | Week | Month; default: Day
Is it possible to reduce this period to hours? Through CLI?

2) Clear SMS Limit - (interactive button)
If 1) is not possible, is it possible to clear the SMS limit automatically? I want to clear the sms limit every 3 hours.
CLI and Crontab maybe?

by anonymous
I've managed to get in contact with Teltonika support. The command to clear the sms limit is:
ubus call sms_limit reset '{"modem":"3-1","sim":1}'

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by anonymous

Both of these things are not possible to do via WebUI. When it comes to doing it through CLI/SSH, I won't be able to confirm how exactly this could be achieved, because I haven't tried this before and when I checked what changed might be required I saw that it won't be simple as editing /etc/config/simcard configuration file. You might need to use the SDK, which Teltonika provides. It can be downloaded here:

Or Teltonika's RND team could create these custom features, but you would need to contact Teltonika's sales manager and start a custom firmware project.

by anonymous
Ok. Do you maybe know which command is executed, when you click the "Clear SMS Limit" button? This command or similiar should be put in Crontab.
by anonymous
I won't be able to confirm what exact command does that. Mdcollect service is the one you need to take a look at, mobile data limit status is stored in /var/mdcollect file. Maybe this information will help you find a solution.