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I need the RUT240 as a router to the 4G/3G internet.

What we need: We have to connect to the router with the help of or similar and get access to a device connected to the local network using VNC software.

What we have:

WiFi works, so I can easily connect by the WiFi created by the RUT240

I have a SIM card and this SIM is able to connect to the internet, but gets a private address.

From here there where two ways:

A.) Change the provider/SIM so we get an public IP. Configure the firewall/router to let connect to the device and/or use OpenVPN to get a better safety margin.

B.) Config the RUT240 to open a VPN channel to our computer at a certain time window and lets us in. Configure the firewall/router to enable a connection between the device and our computer.

We prefere A.

Is there any sample(s) out to easily learn how this (complex) configuration is done?

Thanks a lot for helping.

With best regards

by anonymous
Your config sounds like some type of IoT, BTW. Anyway, there is a third method: Connect your RUT permanently via VPN to an intermediate server. And then you can access your RUT or any of its local devices from any VPN-client, you like to set up. I.e. mobile phone, laptop etc.

Did it as a freelancer few times already.


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by anonymous

Fortunately, this is not a complex use-case and it's easily done by opening up the ports you want to use remotely. So if you have public IP or VPN you can easily open up port 80 to access WebUI. You can also achieve it if you go to Access Control settings and Enable remote connections through there:

Another way to do this would be without Public IP. We have a remote management system or RMS for short, which gives you the possibility to connect to your non-public IP devices and even reach devices behind the LAN. Also, it has a Remote Control feature, which lets you control your desktops through RDP protocol.

More about RMS could be found here: