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i want to access a device in internal lan by the RMS from a generate Link.. so , how can i do that ?

best solution form me ( if possible ) is :

1. launch webui generate link from rms

2. in generated link , add the port of the device connected with eth cable in lan port 1

3. access the credential page of the device

sorry for my bad english, but , can someone help me ?

Hi Eddy,

I am also a newbe, just do the first steps.

As far as I see, you can only open a http/https, RDP or VNC link.

When you setup a connection you have to choos the protocoll first and than you generate the link.

Click the link, or copy the link to the clip board and past it into some browser.

I jus wondering, why FTP protocoll is missing or why there isn#t a chance to have full network access throgh a VPN tunnel ...

With best regards


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You can do that by entering into your device information page in RMS and adding Device Access here:

Once you've done that, you will be able to write your LAN IP of the device, PORT, choose protocol and etc.


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thank u Gerald,

i solved , directly in RMS u can add a device access, specifying lan ip of device , port and protocol