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Rather than ending up with a double NAT, I'd like to hook up my AVM fritzbox to the TRB140 which is in bridge or passthrough mode. Provided the mac address of the fritz box, but TRB140 modem cannot connect to mobile, tried both, bridge and passthru.

How can I manage reaching my Fritzbox from the internet through TRB140?

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by anonymous


The first thing you can do for testing purpose is connect to your TRB140 WebUI and ping to google DNS

If you have internet connection, you can try connecting your TRB140 to a computer or third party device to know if the LTE connectivy is working well throught TRB140.

Once you discard the TRB140 is working well, you can go on to the passthrought or bridge mode.

Some considerations:

- The DHCP service is disable when using Bridge mode. When using Passthrought mode DCHP server is up.

- Using Brigde mode, it'll connect to the first connected device due it doesn't have DHCP server.

- Has the AVM device a DHCP server?

Some useful links where you can find information related to your case.

If you have more doubts please let us know.