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by anonymous
are there any instructions on how to use the trb140 as a crude usb modem?

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Its a plug and play device .

you can follow this link :

I hope it would help.

Thank you.
Sorry, I was not precise about my issue:

I want to completely bypass the network stack of the TRB140. Rather, I want to use it as a true USB LTE Modem (Mobile Stick). I want to  connect the TRB140 with the usb cable to my router. The router shall connect to the internet through the TRB140 as if ti is a mobile stick, if that is possible.

by anonymous


Yes this is possible through bridge mode. 

Bridges the LTE data connection with LAN. The device assigns its WAN IP address to another device (first connected to LAN or specified with MAC address). Using Bridge mode will disable most of the device’s capabilities.

Thank you.

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by anonymous


You can use mobile bridge-mode.

It can be set in the Network → Interfaces page by clicking 'Edit' next to the mobile interface. Then under 'General Setup' set Mode to 'Bridge', enter the router's MAC address, save the changes and connect the two devices.

Or you can use Passthrough mode to achieve the same while maintaining more of the gateway's capabilities (which may prove useful if you want to change the TRB's configuration in the future, as setting it to Bridge mode will disable the DHCP server on LAN).

Some additional info on this can be seen here.