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by anonymous

I am trying to connect to Verizon’s network, but cannot seem to get this thing to work. Here’s what I am running:


Firmware - RUTX_R_00.02.05.1

Product Code - RUTX1111XXXX

I have tried both sim ports, disabling everything (firewall included), a variety of different pins provided from verizon. I get moments of connection, then when I go to use it, it cuts out. Most of the time I get the blinking 4G light, then it connects. I then go to use it and it starts blinking again. I can provide a troubleshoot file if needed.

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide.

by anonymous
Update - 11-6-20

Spoke with Verizon for quite some time troubleshooting the signal they were receiving. Had to pull sim into personal phone to activate and factory reset RUTX11. This stabilized the connection, however I am only getting bytes of data (almost nothing). Almost as if something is stifling the connection. Not sure what my next steps are here, perhaps some help from the community...
by anonymous

Same exact issue for me. See my other comment in the other thread.

In the troubleshooting logs, I see the following, which implies something isn't linking up:

Thu Jan 13 09:15:10 2022 unhandler[2417]: Attempt to retrieve IMSI number...
Thu Jan 13 09:15:10 2022 unhandler[2417]: Attempt to fetch APN list...
Thu Jan 13 09:15:10 2022 unhandler[2417]: Getting APN list from database
Thu Jan 13 09:15:10 2022 unhandler[2417]: Found APN or authorization in "mob1s2a1" interface.
Thu Jan 13 09:15:10 2022 unhandler[2417]: APN Fetch is done
Thu Jan 13 09:15:16 2022 unhandler[2417]: Valid operator not found. Connection or validation FAILED.
Thu Jan 13 09:15:16 2022 unhandler[2417]: [main:311] error: Problem with connection, restarting function after 30s
Thu Jan 13 09:15:17 2022 mwan3rtmon[3678]: Detect rtchange event.

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by anonymous


For the issue you are having could you send me a copy of the troubleshoot file of the said device. 

Kindly turn the device on for 5-10 mins make sure it is connected to the verizon network then after that you can download the troubleshoot file in 
System > Administration > Troubleshoot 

You may refer to this link:

Hope it helps.