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There is a hotspot with an external radius server on which all devices have worked so far. I last set up the devices 1.5 months ago and then I tested them, they worked. IPhones can't connect now. I already had everything on my iphone (Full Restore, Network Restore, Beta Upload). Tested with 3 different iPhones and none connected. All other devices are connect.

The error message:

Error opening page

Hotspot login cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred.

What could be the problem?

Thank you.
Any changes on the login-page done, recently ? IPhones have some special limitations, regarding login page, different from Android, for exmaple.

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You're saying that other devices connect normally? Make sure your iOS is on the latest firmware version and doesn't use any automatic MAC generation.

Also, make sure the router is also updated to the latest firmware version.

In other case, if you're still unsuccessful please restore your devices to default factory settings.


Yes, other devices connect normally. MAC, Android, Win


I use the latest firmware version and I don't use automatic MAC generation.

The router is updated to the latest firmware version.

I have already reinstalled them. There are 12 such devices and they all do the same.