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I am a YouTuber but I live deep in the country, so my only connection option is 4G. I upload a LOT of large video files so upload speed and stability is very important to me.

I was using a TP-Link 4G modem but it was really unreliable and so last week I bought an RU240, and the connection so far is very stable and reliable.

But, the speed of the connection is very different between the TP-Link and the Teltonika. I used to get peaks of 25 down/20 up on the TP-Link, but on the Teltonika I get a pretty consistent 12 down/4.5 up. Is that because it's a Cat4 modem and not a Cat6 modem, or is it because I need to install outdoor antennas to get a stronger signal? Here are my connection stats:

Signal strength -81 dBm
RSRP -114 dBm
RSRQ -11 dB
SINR 1.9 dB

I would appreciate any advice from you about how to get faster upload speeds. Maybe I need the RUTX09?



1 Answer

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by anonymous

There could be many various reasons why you may be getting a lower download/upload rate on RUT240.

1. Signal is too weak:

For that, you will need an outdoor antenna and I would recommend getting a directional antenna - if you know where exactly the cell tower is and how far is it. More about antennas could be found here:

2. CAT of 4G/LTE.

Yes, it might be that you will need a higher CAT than 4 to get better speeds. For that, I would suggest maybe finding RUTX09 which you could test before buying - as it's still unknown if you're going to get better speeds in your area. But if there's a possibility to test RUTX09 from your local reseller or someone else - I would highly recommend doing it and maybe you will get what you want from it.

3. Frequency bands.

Sometimes modem locks on bands that are more stable rather than locking on faster ones. Check which frequency bands are supported by your operator and see which are available to your nearest cell tower. Manually selecting them might significantly increase your download and upload speeds.

4. Finally, make sure the speed tests you do are on the server that is not too far, as it could show you totally different results depending on which location you download/upload.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply. I have ordered a directional outdoor antenna and I will report back with the results.