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What did I do?

- Insert SIM-Card

- Started the RUT240, connected via WIFI, ran Setup-Assistant

- Connected to Telekom Mobile Network

- Can not use the RUT240 as a WiFi Hotspot - there is just no data going over the line

What can I do ?

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First of all, make sure you have data available to RUT240 itself. Go to CLI, log in with root and your password, and try to ping If ping doesn't pass - you probably need to set-up your mobile connection correctly. (Custom APN in Network > Mobile page).

If your ping passed through RUT240, then make sure you didn't change any particular Wireless settings that could've caused this issue (to be sure you didn't it's best if your factory reset your router without keeping the settings).
Best answer
Custom APN did the trick - even though I've choosen the pre configured internet.telekom.