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I try to connect the RUT955 over LTE Telekom (DE) with an Pubilc-IPv6-Adress but it will not work, what´s the Problem, cann anyone help mit to config the APN/RUT955 correct

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Which firmware are you using right now? If you're not using the last version, please upgrade it.



Related to the IPV6 issue, please take a look to this case, probably can be useful to enable IPV6 as well.


Any further doubt please let me know.


Thx for you support.

I´d try the following things, but noithing can clear my problems: 

  1. You need to upgrade RUT950 to latest firmware: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT950_Firmware_Downloads
  2. Enable “IPv6 support” on menu System -> Administration
  3. Uncheck parameter “Use IPv4 only” on menu Network -> Mobile -> Mobile Configuration

the Troubleshoot-File is here:


I want to use a Fix-IPv6-Adress from TELEKOM (DE)

I used the following options:

Connection-type: PPP

Modus: NAT

Auto-APN: disabled

APN: custom

Custom-APN: festip.telekom

Autentification method: PAP

Username: telekom

Password: tm

PIN number: 

PUK code:

Dialing number: *99#

MTU: 1500

Service mode: Automatic

Deny Data Roaming: disabled

Use IPv4 only: disabled

What cann I also do to get an Fix-IPv6 Adress?


What is your real goal? To have a IPV6 public IP assigned from your ISP?

I read the troubleshoot and you're connected to the operator. And the router is already using IPV6, but your ISP doesn't assing a IPV6 to your device, did you try to test the same SIM card in another device and got it a IPV6 IP.

WAN IP  --> 37.84.XX.XX

LAN IP --> fe80::21e:42ff:fe27:1c12/64

WLAN IP --> fe80::21e:42ff:fe27:1c14/64

Anything else please let us know.


I've talked with HQ technical support, RUT2 and RUT9 are not capables to use IPV6 in the mobile interface.

For now, only devices from TRB and RUTX series have this feature.

R&D is developing this feature and already have a test firmware, it should be released next year at the Q1

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Same provider/apn Telekom (DE), same goal (public IPv6 address), same problem with RUT955.

I have tried several konfigurations, many different firmwares, no success at all.

Is it a problem with the provider or the router capabilities?

Please help!