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Hello, I'm Zoli from Hungary.

I would like to ask for help on the following topic: I have a TRB-140 device and a Hungarian mobile internet connection (Telekom) which I can access with a sim card. It is connected to a Mikrotik router via a lan port. I would like to use this tool as a secondary internet for a company with a VPN server. The problem is that if the network goes from the secondary internet then it cannot be accessed from an external network. So what settings could I use to make access from external network to internal network.

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by anonymous

Could you explain in more detail how everything is connected and through what you want to reach something?

Is your TRB140 connected to Mikrotik and you want to reach Mikrotik through External IP from TRB140?


So, the device includes a sim that has internet on it. There is a Mikrotik router with the primary internet on the ethernet 1 port, the Teltonik device is on the ethernet 7 port. When the primary internet is gone, the Mikrotik device switches to the Teltonik device. When there is internet from the Teltonik, the internal network cannot be accessed remotely. This network would be the VPN server but in this case it cannot be accessed from the outside. You can't even ping from an external network. Is the teltonik device currently in Bridge mode, should it be in Passtrough mode or is some firewall rule causing it?

If u need i can send printscreen or Ip or whatever u want.


by anonymous
If your TRB runs in Bridge mode right now - there shouldn't be any firewall changes needed. Please check your MikroTik and see if everything is set up correctly there. If you get the IP from TRB on mikroTik - then everything works from our side correctly. One thing you could check is the Custom APN field in the Mobile interface of TRB, that might be the cause of your disappeared internet conenctivity.