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Hi folks,

Is there any reason why the RUTX11 router does not have the same functionality that is available on the RUT955 to switch back to the primary SIM after a timeout?

I'm running the latest firmware RUTX_R_00.02.05.1 and cannot see that functionality in the system.

I want to be able to configure the device to run off the primary SIM unless certain connectivity issues occur, then switch across to the second SIM (I can see how to configure that). But I don't want the device to continue running on the secondary SIM for ever (or at least until I reboot the router), but rather switch back after a time period.

Is there a possibility to get this functionality in the RUTX11?



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Thank you for your catch that this feature is missing on our RUTX devices. I have forwarded this issue to our RnD department and will inform you if we can get this feature on RUTX devices too.

Best regards.