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Hi Teltonkia community,

I am planning to use the RUT850 in my camper as a LTE-modem as well as to fire of an alarm when the camper is leaving a certain location (geo-fencing function)
I have also an alarm box installed which provides an external alarm contact if someone breaches into the camper.
Does the RUT850 has such a capability as well (I mean can it receive an external alarm contact and fire off a respective SMS) or should I use another model?

Thanks for your help and share of mind!


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by anonymous

If I understand correctly, you want to connect your alarm box to the router and the router should send an SMS message when the alarm box detects some kind of breach. It really depends on how your alarm box is connected to the router and what information it can send to it. Right now I am imagining that an alarm system could trigger router inputs and then the router could send SMS when input is triggered. If that is the case then RUT850 do not comply with your topology because it does not have I/O:

It would be easier to recommend if you could provide me more information on how the system should be connected.


Thanks first of all for your swift reply!
Yes - you're correct with the assumption that the alarm box has an external contact where you e.g. could add an additional alarm sirene or something like that - in that case an input to the router to send an SMS.
In addition In need the ge-fencing capabilty and the possibility to have WiFi on board (via LTE)
So I "fear" the only box I could find so far and seem to be compatible with my requiremenst is the RUTX11?
As this box will be but somehwere inside the camper I would need external WiFi and LTE-Antenna's - any recommendation for that or can be any availabe on the market be used for that?
And of course please correct me if my above assumptions are wrong!
Thanks again for your help and support!

Best regards!

by anonymous
Well, I could also recommend RUT955 too, but RUTX11 is a solid choice. It has I/O, GPS, and wifi features too. External antennas should be unnecessary and our antennas from the package should fit you inside the camper. But you could look up external antennas like these: