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We have an issue with a number of clients connected via UTP to the RUT955. After power-on it takes the RUT955 about 45 seconds to get to issue IP addresses to the clients, however the network ports are "up" directly after powerup. This causes the clients to wait for a DHCP issued IP but for some the 45 second boot time is too long. They fall back to either a fall-back fixed IP or the infamous Windows 169.xxx IP address.

This would be solved if there were a way to power the network ports on the RUT only after the DHCP server has come online. Is this possible?

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Unfortunately, this would require firmware changes and for that project should be started. If you wish to have this functionality implemented you'll have to contact our sales manager and start MBP.

Ok thanks - we will try to set the timeout period on the clients to accept longer waiting times first. If that does not help I will come back. I could imagine, by the way, that this might be an issue for more users - especially in the iot domain?

Thanks Han.
We get only a few of these where DHCP lease takes some time and people not happy about it. But that's usually a hardware/software startup that takes kind of long. To lease required IP it goes through some of the configs and only after these checks computers get IPs.