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We got over 20 RUT955 units connected with RMS. Behind every RUT is a camerasystem connected with a NVR, 4 cameras and a PLC. Unfortonately the connections via RMS are very unstable.

- Cant reach device (login-page of device wont load, several refreshes and it comes) -> via remote HTTPS

- I have to use the legacy-mode because the new RMS gives errors and dont load -> Via Device -> Remote access

- When i finally have a connection: it wont show videofootage from the devices (cameras and NVR)

All the devices are from Dahua. When i reach the devices via LAN of VPN, everything works fine.

What did i miss in the configurations?

kind regards,


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Could you please give some screenshots of what you get right now and explain what is working, and then also attach screenshots of how it supposed to work. Then I can give this information to RnD team so they could examine it and fix it as it supposed to be.