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Have been using it for over a year with two SIM cards, different operators.

Upgraded both modem firmware to EG06ELAR04A04M4G and router firmware to RUTX_R_00.02.05.2 some days ago.

After this, router is unable to connect to 3G/4G at all. We haven't changed anything but upgrading the firmware. Antennas are securely fit. SIM cards work in other devices. I have tried restarting the router numerous times, as well as done a factory reset to no help.

It seems to me like the modem isn't trying to connect at all after the upgrade? I've included a screenshot of the 'Mobile Information' status page.

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Our experience is that serveral APN setttings sometimes are broken when upgrading to latests firmware, at least on RUT955. Enter CLI, issue:

uci show | grep apn

and see what you find.

Also check the actual APN used by the router:

gsmctl -A "AT+CGDCONT?"

and see if that differs from what you expect to use.
uci show | grep apn renders what I expect to see.

gsmctl -A "AT+CGDCONT?" gives me 8 lines without any apn on them.
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Another data point:

All LEDs are out except for the switch LEDs (ethernet).