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I have multiple (16 deployed, 5 more to be deployed) RUT950s and some RUT250s all connecting back on individual IPsec connections to a pfsense gateway; over Vodafone 4G. This has generally proved to be quite reliable, but I've noticed a few units are now exhibiting the following behaviour:

1: Traffic will not pass over the tunnel to devices on the remote subnet, pings get "Destination port unreachable" error if sent from base -> remote subnet

2: WebUI and SSH *do* work

3: CLI via WebUI fails to connect

Rebooting the unit will restore functionality for a period of time from minutes to hours and occasionally all day. I have a periodic reboot at 01:00 every day and a ping reboot for the tunnel going down; but as the tunnel actually stays up in this case, that doesn't rescue it.

The affected units are all on firmware version RUT9XX_R_00.06.07 - the sub point releases after this don't seem to have any relevant fixes

Has anyone any ideas on what could be happening here?

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For the issue, you are having. May I know if each of the RUT devices is having a dedicated IPSec in the pfsense gateway?

If yes, could you give some information on what configuration you made on the device? A copy of a troubleshoot file of the device that is having problems is good. Don't reboot the device before taking the troubleshoot file. I need to get all the log details, doing a reboot will make erase all the logs of the device since it is stored on the ram memory.