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by anonymous

In my second house I have RUT240 and I'm using it in passthrough mode. The private IP address I get from my mobile carrier is forwarded to my Fritzbox 7530. My mobile carrier gives me private IP addresses only. Fritzbox is accessing internet perfectly.

In my main house I have a broadband internet connection with public IP address. Here I'm running an OpenVPN server configured as internet gateway for the clients. It is working perfectly.

Since DDNS and services work only with public IP addresses, I need to find a way to forward to Fritzbox a public IP instead of the private one. So, here is what I want to do:

I configured an Openvpn client on the Rut240 with gateway redirection and it is working perfectly. All devices on the Fritzboxs network are browsing using the openvpns public IP. However, Fritz is receiving only the private IP of my mobile carrier (quite strange).

I would like to know how can I configure RUT240 in order to forward to the Fritzbox the public IP address received by the Openvpn Server, instead of the private one I am receiving from the mobile carrier.

Thank you!

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by anonymous


For the said scenario you want to achieve we don't have any details about forwarding the Public IP from broadband connectivity to your Fritzbox. Keep in mind that we are providing support for our device itself and Fritzbox is not manufactured by us.

The work around is if you are having a sim card that is getting a Public IP address from the ISP provider and it is inserted to the RUT240 you can configure RUT240 as bridge mode or passthrough mode to give the public ip address that is assigned to the sim card to your fritzbox. 

You can find more information about this one on these links: 
RUT240 Mobile - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika Networks (
RUT240 Mobile - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika Networks (

Hope it helps.