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Hi Guys,

I have a RUT240 device and a Sophos Firewall. I have configured the VPN settings and have the devices connecting to each other but no traffic is moving through the VPN.

I basically have 2 questions: How to I force all traffic to use the IPsec VPN and how do I keep the connection alive

As you can see there seems to be some settings missing on the the latest firmware. All of the guides I have found online reference several settings I don't have.

Any help would be appreciated.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hello, screenshot is very low resolution, please reupload higher quality one.

Also, which FW version are you using? Please update the latest one as you may have missing features if using old FW:

Generally to push all traffic through IPSEC you have to specify in Remote IP address/Subnet mask and add your LAN subnet in Passthrough networks