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We need to monitor and receive temperature reports from the gateway (RUT955 or TRB245) in the transport. We want to use RMS as a monitoring system.

We want to use RUT955 or TRB245 as a gateway.


1) Is it possible to archive data in (RUT955 or TRB245) polling slave device via RS485 modbus rtu?

2) Is it possible to sync the database between the gateway and the RMS?

3) What is the archive storage period if you poll one parameter via RS485 modbus rtu?

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by anonymous

1. If your RUT955 or TRB245 is also running as HTTP(S) server - yes, you can use Data to Server service to send polled Modbus data to HTTP(S) or MQTT.

2. Can't answer this, because RMS collects data to itself and doesn't read data saved on the device. It takes the current information and stores it in its own server.

3. If I understood you correctly - then storing is totally dependant on your HTTP(S) server or scripts you're running. Device itself and modbus functionality will only collect and Data to server will send the data. How long you're going to keep it - it depends only on your scripts and server.

thank you for your quick reply

You seem to have misunderstood my question.

RUT955 will be in a truck. The connection between RUT955 and the server (RMS) can be temporarily transmitted.

An external temperature sensor will be connected to RUT955 via RS485 (modbus rtu).

We need RUT955 to store temperature data when there is no connection to the server (RMS). When the connection is restored, to send the archived temperature data to the server.

1) Please tell me, if RUT955 will poll one temperature sensor via RS485 (modbus rtu), how long can it store data (RUT955) in its memory?

2) If you use FMB640 as a gateway, and connect a temperature sensor (4-20mA) to the analog input,

Can RMS download historical temperature data when the connection between RMS and FMB640 is restored?

Can RMS show downloaded historical temperature data as a tabular report?
by anonymous

In this case, all collected data from Modbus is held on RAM, so it will be gone once the device is restarted.

Regarding FMB, you should really ask this in