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Hello guys.

im getting slow speeds of 48/32 on my RUT955 modem. it has one simcard and is connected to 4g

when i test my phone at the same location i get 238/22 mbits

my signal level is -61dbm and thats about the same on the phone. SNR on phone i between 22-26snr and the teltonika is 19.3

ive tried changing the lte bands manually but with the same result. phone and router is connected to the same cell tower. (same cell id)

this is not the first time we have encountered slow speeds on the teltonika RTU240,RUT950,RUT955. whats the reason for the slow speed.? processor or ?

i have also tried moving it around and then testing with my phone at the same location. same result. is the device in need of better antennas??

We have also tried this setup using passthrough as a configuration, but doesnt change the result.

Regards Nicolaj Grøn Sørensen - Complea

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by anonymous

Our devices and most of the other routers are expected to perform worse than mobile phones. If you have noticed that your Teltonika-Networks device provides slower speeds than other LTE devices (phones, tablets, other routers, etc.) when tested under similar or identical conditions, it may be due to the fact that the devices use different technologies and are all-in-all made to be utilized for very different purposes. Please read this short article that explains the reasons for slower speeds:

by anonymous
I really don't buy this reason. The CAT4 router is supposed to be able to download UPTO 150Mbs, however I never get more than 20Mbs which is way slower. Therefore reason cannot be the category (CAT4) v's mobile phone, there has to be another reason which teltonika just won't admit to.