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I have a RUTX11 (with the latest firmware on both modem and device).

I use it with a Wireless WAN is the 5Ghz band.
And a fail over setup on 4G.
The RUTX11 is also use in AP mode to create a wifi network also on 5GHz

When the Wifi is connected to the wireless wan, it's working.

If I loose the connection with the wireless WAN, then the router switch to the 4G connection.
So I still have an internet connection if I'm connected with a wire to the lan of the routeur.

But after the failover, The routeur stop it's Wifi AP.
In the webUI it's telling me it's running, but I can't see it on any device that should connect to it.

Any idea, what I could look at ?

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I was able to reproduce your issue. I reported it to RnD and will update you on any changes.