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For several years I have had RUT950 and RUT955 which serves me great. I bought a RUTX12 some time ago. I can't find myself in the new interface, which for me is less readable than the one in RUT955 and maybe that's my problem (some of the switches are not described and it is not known at the first time what they are for)

I would like to assign two different IP addresses from different subnets to one physical or logical interface (VLAN) and I cannot do that in RUTX12.

In RUT955, this option was called IP aliasing and in the window for defining the default IP address, netmask and default gateway, at the very bottom, you could add other subnets. In the new interface in RUTX12, we define separate interface configurations and then indicate the physical interface associated with this configuration. However, there is no IP aliasing here. I tried to define two separate configurations and assign to the same interface eth0 or VLAN eth0.33 but then the configurations are struggling to access the interface and eventually one of the configurations always gets the status stopped. There are no entries in the system and kernel logs available in the web gui except that the interface was abandoned and then raised after making changes to the configuration.

I am asking for help and step-by-step instructions on how to do IP aliasing in RUTX12, I will add that my firmware is RUTX_R_00.02.05.2.

Please help.


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Hi Paul.

Try this via SSH or CLI.

1. Edit with vi editor: vi /etc/config/network

2. Add these lines:

config alias

        option netmask '***.***.***.***'

        option proto 'static'

        option interface 'lan'

        option ipaddr '***.***.***.***'

3. Then press ESC and type :wq

4. /etc/init.d/network restart

Best regards.

Is it possible to do it through web interface?