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by anonymous
is it possible to send a Magic packet (Wake-on-LAN) with SMS Utilities UCI command?

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by anonymous


To send "Magic packet" (Wake-on-LAN) from router to computer, SSH command must be executed on the router. Currently Teltonika routers does not have an option to execute such commands via SMS messages.

(UCI command is used to change router's configuration files. It cannot execute other SSH commands)

To wake your computer from router remotely, you would have to be able to access the router remotely. If your router does not have Public IP address, you could configure VPN tunnel and reach router through it at any time. This would allow you to connect to router's SSH and execute necessary command to send "Magic packet".

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by anonymous
hi, thanks for the reply.
exactly ... my public ip is not static or dynamic but shared, my router is not reachable remotely even with services like Dynamic DNS.
My target is to turn on the NAS that once turned on is reachable from the App.
I try to learn how to configure VPN tunnel ...
Question: from my Smartphone to reach my router are required:
1- on the Smartphone = VPN client
2- a VPN server (third party?)
3- on the Router RUT955 = VPN client
... it's right?
Thanks, I'm reading a lot on the VPN and I'll try to complete it myself.
by anonymous


Correct, in such case you would need to have a separate device, which would be configured as VPN Server. This device could be another Teltonika router, your home computer, office server, etc. Just take note, that this device must have Public IP address, so that your RUT955 (as VPN client) would be able to connect to the server.

Configuring VPN is easy, you just need some practice. To begin with, decide which VPN protocol you would like to use:

  • OpenVPN is most versatile one, but it would require you to create your own certificates, which takes some time (All necessary information about OpenVPN, including creating the certificates and troubleshooting can be found here)
  • GRE tunnel is not suitable for you, since it requires two Public addresses (on both tunnel ends)
  • IPsec, PPTP and L2TP is the quickest ones to configure, so you can try using one of these protocols (You can find information how to establish these VPN tunnels here: IPsec, PPTP, L2TP)

Then follow appropriate guidance and you should be able to establish VPN tunnel in no time.