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I have RUT240 which has been running now for around 4 weeks using 4G connection. I update the FW in November, cannot remember exact version. I have enabled internet monitoring with automatic reboot and automatic SMS to inform  me about reboot.

Since today RUT240 has lost internet connection, I can receive Status SMS which states that RUT240 is connected to LTE network, signal is ok but the WAN IP shows "-" instead of IP address from operator so no internet access. I have also sent reboot SMS but connection is not recovered. Is there some additional trick to be applied remotely?


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by anonymous

Unfortunately, in this particular case, there are no other ways to remotely interact with the router. Perhaps your SIM card has run out of mobile traffic and you need to contact your operator.

Best regards.

thank you for your reply, here's update to the situation. Today the router was physically power reset and that did the trick. I did have automatic reboot in place but seems that it is not equivalent to real power off/on. Yesterday I checked with operator that their network and the SIM were still operational. I could confirm this is so that I was able to send and receive SMS the whole time.

But is there some log file in the device which could help understand what happened? Or possibly if there is incorrect setting in the device which may cause this behavior?

Best regards
by anonymous

If you have access to the web-interface of the router, you can go to the Events Log section or use CLI / SSH access and use the logread command.

Kind regards.


ok, I looked at the logs and here below are the last marking at the time of connection lost. Please note that ID101N states "Mobile data connected: N/A" instead of IP address. RUT240 is running DHCP server and lease was renewed just before the event. There is only one DHCP client but the line was repeated. From this point on all the newer logs are related to SMS sending/receiving until the time RUT got powered off/on. So there are no network related logs after this even though the device rebooted multiple times.

ID            Date                                  Event type                   Event

102S       2020-12-16 20:33:33        Network Operator        Connected to operator XXXXXX

101N      2020-12-16 20:33:04        Mobile Data                  Mobile data connected: N/A

275S       2020-12-16 20:32:57        DHCP                          Leased IP address for client

274S       2020-12-16 20:32:57        DHCP                          Leased IP address for client

100N      2020-12-16 20:32:43        Network Type               Joined 4G LTE

99N        2020-12-16 20:32:39        Mobile Data                  Mobile data disconnected

FW is RUT2XX_R_00.01.13

If you want longer/ more event log I can share it directly to you.

Best regards
by anonymous


If the connection is lost again, download the troubleshoot file immediately and send it to me via PM.