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Hello, I'm using TRB140 with firmware TRB1_R_00.02.05.2, I have an excellent signal perception, but download/upload speeds are unbelievable low. When using my phone to check speeds in a given location, I get more than 100 Mbps, but with TRB140 it's never better than 40 Mbps both ways, the most of the times it's much worse (10 - 20 Mbps). Also when running speed test, ping time increases tremendously: 300 ms - 400 ms.

Any idea what might go wrong?

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First, try testing the device with a different SIM card or the same SIM card with another device.

If, in the case of using another SIM card, the situation changes for the better, contact the operator to clarify the details of the causes of the low speed.

Also check out this article.