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by anonymous

Using OpenVPN on the RUT950 to connect to the local uni, the VPN connects, but doesn't load any websites, nor does it allow for remote access of SSH, etc. which is otherwise possible when connecting via OpenVPN.

Under Status->OpenVPN information, it reads:

  • activated: Yes

  • status: Connected

  • type: Client

  • IP: N/A

  • Mask: N/A

However, almost there doesn't appear to be any further internet connection possible. No websites can be opened. they just don't load. The only website that fully loads is the website of the uni itself, which might just be locally hosted.

It was possible to load a whatsmyip website using a different internet connection and then when using the RUT950 to just refresh that website to confirm it now uses the uni IP address, however, even the rest of the website like map location wouldn't load anymore.

The IT help desk mentioned, that their OpenVPN uses Lz4 compression. The RUT950 only has a lz0 option on the current firmware 06.07.4. Could this be the issue, or would it be something else?

Further note: the windows machine is connected via WiFI to the RUT950, also it is intended to also connect a machine to the LAN port at a later time.

Any help in this matter is appreciated.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

You don't have an assigned IP.

Can you please check your configuration?

Also, regarding to lz0 vs lz4, did you try using an OpenVPN server and lz0 compression to discard?