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I have approx 60 RUT950 units deployed with firmware RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.1

The vast majority are working without any issue what so ever.

When we get them, I typically set up remote access through a few firewall rules, enable auto reboot and do a firmware upgrade (unfortunately, I can't confirm what order).

We use sim cards that we have control over using the network supplied portal. Some sites are using an extreme amount of data, so, we decided to disable them when work isn't needed.

Whenever I usually activate the sims, the routers typically come back online within just a few minutes - I am unsure if they automatically connect to the cellular network or if it was the auto reboot. All I know, I've been doing this for 2 months and it has been working fine.

last week however, several sites failed to come online.

I had an engineer visit one site and tether his laptop/I connected in and the router was fully up, showed an uptime of ~70 days, and had remote reboot disabled.

We have several others that I assume are in the same position and I'm trying to schedule an engineer to visit.

Can anyone advise what is going on here? This group of routers (7 of them) were all setup at the same time - All have remote reboot disabled (Did this get disabled on a firmware upgrade?) and only 3 successfully re-established when I enabled the sims after being offline for approx. 4 days-1 week.

If I have done something wrong in setup, I can live with that but looking at the mobile carrier log files, the offline ones are just "dead", no connection attempts, no authentication requests or anything else. I'm really struggling and understanding what has happened.

Can anyone assist please?

Edit: This was the state of the mobile when I logged in... The data figures are very "round" at 10GB/2GB, but, I verified there was no limits set (I've never used limits on the router). I also have the full log going back over a month if it helps anyone/required.

by anonymous

Situation is definitely uncommon, you've mentioned that remote reboot got disabled after FW update but if there were any issues during FW update all device settings would be lost instead of remote reboot only.  

Also it's unclear what remote reboot feature you're using, is it SMS utilities functionality to reboot router remotely via SMS or have you set up ping reboot feature?

I'd be great if you could provide troubleshoot package from your device via private message, it would help me to determine what might be causing issues with mobile connectivity. Troubleshoot can be downloaded from WebUI -> System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot

Data usage of 10GB download and 2GB upload also seems suspicious, there might be no data limits configured on your RUT950 but maybe there are SIM card data limits?

Sorry, first time here... did answer instead of comment... Trying to correct...

Hi Martynas,

All I can say is that I go through a checklist when setting up routers and enabling auto reboot (just enabling the default rule - 5 min pings to was ticked, yet when I checked it was disabled. If I made a mistake, I take full responsibility here.

I also attempted to use SMS reboot, however, there was no response, nor are any messages showing up in the SMS inbox.

Unfortunately, I did a firmware upgrade on the router which I was able to connect in to, so, I guess the troubleshoot package won't help? (If it does, I'll happily do this). The other routers, unfortunately, due to the festive period and availability, we have instructed onsite staff to simply hard reboot when able - if I can get anyone to site, I will attempt to do so. (I take it that after reboot is useless?)

There are no data limits on the sim... I have full control over them and there is no limit set. The moment I clicked "Reboot Modem" it came live.

FYI, not that helpful but please see here: Each "spike" is one hour:

1. is when I changed the sim from deactivated to activated on the network portal. There was no change for about 7-8 minutes and I was remoted in.
2. is the first Authentication request which happened immediately after I clicked "Reboot Modem"
3. Is the connection (and line above) to the network/fully established.

You can see that in the green area before, the sim was fully active/fully allowed to connect, but, the router just did not establish a connection and was reported "disconnected".

Going back in the logs by about a week, that is when we started having problems. Even when a sim is deactivated, the router constantly tries to authenticate and connect every few minutes as can be seen here:

However, after December the 18th (when the problems started), we can see that the router does not attempt to authenticate or do any sort of connection. 

Going however to one of the working routers, we can see usual behaviour:

These routers were rolled out in a batch 8, 3 of which are fine (as the picture directly above), but, 5 of which on the exact same day, stopped sending out authentication requests - I just wondered if you know of any other reason that can cause this as I've drawn a blank and am very worried that there may be other issues here.


by anonymous

Sorry for the late answer, could you PM me with troubleshoot file from your device. I'll investigate the issue which might cause the connectivity issues.

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by anonymous

As we've communicated in comments, could you send me troubleshoot file from your device so I could investigate log's and configuration.

Troubleshoot file can be downloaded from WebUI -> System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot.
by anonymous

It's rather late now - can you look at ticket 68248 - I submitted the file to Jason back in Jan on that ticket.

The routers have been replaced since then and these units are in storage. I would really like to get an answer though as this is quite annoying.