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I have a RUT950 with on SIM1 an unlimited data plan.

This unlimited data plan has a day limit of 10GB that can be extended with 5GB bundels at a time.

Is it possible to automatically send the required sms woensdag the limit of 10GB (and 5GB) is reached?

Thanks in advance.

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You should be able to do it by navigating to Network > Mobile > Mobile Data Limit.

Enable data connection limit, and SMS warning tickbox should appear in WebUI.

Once you enable it and fill out other fields - you should get SMS warning when reaching defined data limit.


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I've seen that option, but it won't let me control what message to send. Only the recipient can be edited.

Is there a way to send a specific message to a specific recipient to enable the new bundle.
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This would require firmware changes. I will report it to RnD as a suggestion.

Would like to see this option as well.

Is there any progress on this?