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we have several devices on different sites and we would like to add them to RMS now. Unfortunately we did not note the LAN MAC, just IMEI, S/N etc.

Is it possible to request the LAN MAC of RUT240 via SMS Status request?

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Unfortunately, that is not possible as UCI does not return MAC address and there is no SMS utility to return this hardware information, but I would be happy to assist you and manually find the MAC addresses of your devices. Please send serial codes or IMEIs to me via private message and I will find the MAC addresses of these devices shortly.

Hi Ernestas (or other Teltonika help)

Could you also help me with retrieving a few MAC's?
Due to the AT&T firmware we have a couple of RUT240 in Alaska that we deployed before we started to registre S.No and MAC, that will need the update soon :-(